Me, Myself and I

Updated 10-13-16

I’m a 50-something SAHW, married 37 years to an extremely patient and tolerant man. I have two grown kids with the corresponding in-laws (my children of the heart) and five granddaughters – Susannah aka Papoose who’s six, Harper aka Babydiva who’s four, Annabelle aka Sprout who’s four, Charlee, 2 years and our newest grand, Emma, who will be three weeks old this Sunday. My four footed, furry child is Josie, a pug, who, I swear, is out to enslave the entire human race on cuteness alone. We also have two cats, McPhee and Sonny. My world is one of semi-controlled chaos and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


1) Books. I’m a fairly nondiscriminatory reader. I’m currently in non-fiction mode, reading biographies, how-to guides, and anything to do with history but am branching out with a little fiction. I’m also a sucker for a catchy title or cover art, playing right into a publisher’s hand. A couple of favorites are Gwen E. Steege’s Knitter’s Life List and anything by Stephen King.

2) Animals. Specifically dogs. Even more specifically, pugs. I’m an equal opportunity animal lover; my mother says that as a child, if it ran, walked, crawled, slithered or flew, had fur, feathers, scales or wings, four feet plus or no feet, I loved it and made it a pet. Haven’t changed a bit. Home is where my pets are. My vet loves me.

3) Baking/Cooking. Baking is my Valium. It calms me, centers me and helps me refocus when I feel like I’m going in a thousand different directions at once. Again, I’m an equal opportunity baker – cakes, pies, muffins, cookies, bread, you name it, I bake it.

4) Knitting. This is beyond a favorite, it’s more like an obsession. I learned to knit as a little girl and picked it back up about nine years ago, when I needed something to occupy my busy, restless hands. I’m in love with everything knitting and it doesn’t appear that I’ll fall out of love any time soon.  My local yarn shop also loves me.

5) Retirement. Enough said.

So, that’s me in a nutshell. Stay tuned for updates!


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