Aaaaaaaaaaand I’m Back

Giving the Blow Off

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  I’ve learned that blogging is like pretty much everything else in my life, whether it’s exercise, confession and mass attendence, or just plain chores around Casa Coleman.  Once you skip out on something, it gets easier and easier to blow whatever it is off  and then !!poof!!  a week or two or three have passed without ______________(you can insert your personal blow off here).  My current blow off has been blogging.  Oh, I always have a few posts in progress rattling around in my head, but sitting down and transferring them to paper? Nope, hasn’t been happening.  Today will be different.  I’m blogging.

OK, enough of that.

Off My Needles

This –

Has morphed into this –

Aaaaaaaaaaand I’m Back/Blow Off


published in Knitbot Essentials by Hannah Fettig

Knitbot with Quince & Company

Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Seaspray

This sweater is GINORMOUS, so big that I’ve been using it over my pjs on these cooler mornings, like a robe, I guess.  I love this sweater and the yarn!  Oh, the yarn is like magic – washable and tumble dryable, handling it like a champ.  This is awesome for me, since I usually am wearing what I had for breakfast down my front. 🍳🍞🥞☕️🙁

From the Pottery Studio

I’ve been pretty productive here too……

Aaaaaaaaaaand I’m Back/Blow Off

Aaaaaaaaaaand I’m Back/Blow OffAaaaaaaaaaand I’m Back/Blow Off

This angle shows off the small pitcher’s heart shaped collar, a happy accident that I love!

And finally

I have two raku pieces…..

Aaaaaaaaaaand I’m Back/Blow Off

Leafy Raku Pot


Aaaaaaaaaaand I’m Back/Blow Off

Raku Bunny

Aaaaaaaaaaand I’m Back/Blow Off

Bunny Backstory – I bought the big raku bunny on our honeymoon 38(!) years ago.  I knew nothing about pottery back then but fell in love with him immediately, and took the first step into bunny collecting.  My bunnies have increased like, well, like bunnies with no sign of slowing. 🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇

If you’re dying for pottery details such as type of clay, glazes, etc., let me know in the comments and I’ll fill in the particulars.

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