Fun With Cats and Crates, Such A Lightweight, Don’t Be Me


🎶I’ve Lost That Bloggin’ Feeling🎶

No, not really.  It’s that I haven’t felt like there have been many bloggable events here at Casa Coleman. There have been, I’m sure. I could blog about grandcat Sonny’s fur falling out (it isn’t per our favorite vet, Dr. P, he’s licking and breaking the hair off – Sonny, not Dr. P), or our last gorge raising trip to Dr. P with said kitty puking and pooping in his carrier before we got even a mile from home.  DIS-gusting!!! Who knew there were so many traffic lights between Casa Coleman and Allpets Animal Hospital? All’s well that ends well as they say, with nothing seriously wrong with Sonny other than his nervous nellie temperament. 🙀🐈  And look at that…..a bloggable experience! 🙂

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Fun With Cats and Crates, Such A Lightweight, Don’t Be Me


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Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Seaspray

A PSA From Me To You

Get a flu shot.  Take it from someone who knows – you don’t want this nasty little bug taking up residence in your nasal mucosa.  I kept putting off my flu shot for one reason or another, then, on Wednesday, I started sneezing.  Thursday, coughing fits appeared and on Friday, a temp of 103 settled in.  Our clinic is open for walk in visits on Saturday mornings, so I was able to get in to see a doc, who took a look at me, said “Yep, it’s flu” and started Tamiflu and cough medicine.  I’m feeling much, much better – not 100%, not even close, but my fever is down and I can deal with the cough with the cough syrup.  Don’t be me…get a flu shot💉, full blown flu is the worst. ☠️☠️☠️

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