It’s Been How Long??? Seriously?? My Last Post Was July 20???!!!

My Five Best Excuses for the Blog Blow-Off

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The Sprout, Baby Diva, The Papoose and the Elf

The Elf aka Charlee Faith

And we can’t leave our newest out!

Emma Louise aka Peach

Did someone say “Jump”?

Yep, the Coleman-Rogers-Vaughan clan have been sharing the love (and there was a lot of it) these past six weeks as you can see.  Our week in Florida is always a highlight, with lots of water, sand, sun and little girl screams and giggles.  I always find it interesting that when the grands get together, remember that they’ve not seen each other for a year, there’s no getting requainted period or silly bashfulness.  They pick up right where they left off the last time they were together, even down to their conversation. 😍😍😍

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The Sprout, Baby Diva, the Elf and the Papoose

A Bit of a Scare

The Peach gave all of us a bit of a scare a few days before they went back to Bangkok. Some backstory….

While we were at Grayton Beach, this usually sunny baby became cranky and had a low grade fever.  Her mommy and yours truly took her to a walk in clinic to have her checked out and sure enough, she had a slight ear infection.  The doc prescribed the usual amoxicillin and sent us on our way.  Luckily, the antibiotic did its job and the baby was soon back to her normal, happy self. Yay!!  Except…….

About the seventh day of the amoxicillin, we noticed that she had a small area of mild rash, which we decided was a heat rash.  But it wasn’t a heat rash and kept spreading and getting worse until she was covered…

Turns out, our precious Peach is allergic to amoxicillin and this is what the doc called a drug rash.  He told us to stop the antibiotic and started baby prednisone and Benadryl.  It took a day or two, but the rash cleared completely and the Peach resumed being a happy, funny baby, curious about everything and crawling faster that I can run.  Scary stuff, though and not something you want to ignore.😳😳😳

So, Mr. Iknead and I are getting used to a quiet house again and have begun thinking about a trip to Bangkok in February, the Bangkok bunch are back home in Bangkok to (hopefully) get over their jet lag before school starts next week and Baby Diva started kindergarten last Monday.  Back to the real world! 🙂

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