That Sinking Feeling You Get, Tradition!

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and welcome to today’s blog post, That Sinking Feeling You Get, Tradition! I hope you like it.

Just When I Think

I’ve gotten that grown up, check things twice, always have cell phone close, always wear decent underwear (mom was right) thing down, this happens.  No selfie, sorry. I locked myself out of the house first thing this morning in my bestest (read rattiest) flamingo jammies.  I like to have never gotten Mr. iknead up out of the bed to let me in, so I banged on the door going from the garage into the den – no dice. I went around to the front of the house and rang the doorbell and I really laid on that baby – no dice – the battery is dead, so the doorbell is busted. Then, I hammered on the front door – nothing.   By this time I’m swearing a little bit under my breath at Mr. iknead because, dang it, I need to be rescued.  Finally, I released the secret weapon – the window that is a foot or so away from his head when he sleeps.  I banged on it as hard as I dared, not wanting to break the glass, but prepared to do so if he slept through THIS.  FINALLY, he comes to the door and lets me in and just like that – all is well in casa iknead.  The moral of this story is:  1) Double check to make sure that the door will not lock behind you when you shut it and 2) every now and then check your doorbell to make sure it works and finally 3) don’t forget about the decent underwear thing.


The Peach was baptized this morning at her the International Church of Bangkok, her daddy’s church.  Today, though, he was just Daddy, and Rev. Ann Gregory did the honors.

That Sinking Feeling You Get, Tradition!

Peach aka Emma Louise Vaughan

The gown she’s wearing was her mama’s and every baby since then has worn it.  Emma happens to be #7.  I so love tradition!

That Sinking Feeling You Get, Tradition!

They’ll be stateside soon soon soon!  First a week at the beach and then on to Little Rock!!!  They can’t get here quick enough for us!!  I have a treat list going that grows longer every day!

Trust your own instinct.  Your mistakes might as well be your own, instead of someone elses.  Billy Wilder




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