Stuck in the Open Position

Hi again everyone and welcome to my latest post – Stuck in the Open Position.  I hope you like it.

Actually, Stuck in the Open Position is exactly how I feel at the moment.  Somehow, my blog creativity spigot 🚰🚰🚰 was turned on and it’s been full speed ahead for the last few days, with no end in sight!  I guess you could say that my creativity muscle is limbering up and regaining strength.🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️

First up:

Full Speed Ahead

This is a kraft paper ATC I was noodling around with last evening.

Kraft paper ATC, 2.5×3.5 “

Lady face stamp

Black ink

Hand sticker

Vaguely victorian flower sticker

Individual letter stamps – here

A little bit of hemp cord

Something about this little card just really appeals to me.  I love that the head really dwarfs the hand and flowers.  A little bit vintage, a little bit grungy, a little bit funky; I love how it turned out!


 Mr. iknead made a run to his happy place, Good Earth Garden Center, yesterday; along with a back compartment filled with new plants, he brought home a box of ladybugs – the box says it contains 500! 🐞🐞🐞 The nice lady at Good Earth told him to put them in the refrigerator so they’d go sort of dormant and then release them around sundown.  She knew what she was talking about because after a few hours in cold storage, there wasn’t much movement at all.  The L-bugs that were moving were really slow.  So, at the perfect time, we pulled them out of the fridge and took them outside to let loose. They woke back up CRAZY fast – like 15 seconds fast and started using Mr. iknead as a launch pad.  Very cool!

Stuck in the Open Position

Ladybug Launch

Now they just have to buckle down and eat the 50 pests a day each like they’re supposed to.

😍Who cares!?!?!  I just like ladybugs! 😍

So, have a happy Friday and don’t forget that my Whatcha Workin’ On? linky is still open.  Take a minute, add your project or blog link – I love seeing what everyone is working on!

la-dy-bug: a type of small flying insect that has a round red back with dark spots. Feeds both as larvae and adults on other insect, such as aphids


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