Stormy Monday Mash-Up, Easter Triduum (whew), Bangkok Update

Hi ya’ll and welcome to Stormy Monday Mash-Up, Easter Triduum (whew), Bangkok Update.  I hope you like it. 👍

Man, you never know what you miss between the hours of 3 and 6 a.m.  Thanks to a tweaked sciatic nerve and the resulting steroid course, my inner clock has nudged me awake and out of bed this past week about 3:30ish (in the morning).  So far today, I’ve enjoyed an early morning thunderstorm, read today’s meditation, worked on this week’s bible study lesson, drank coffee, then went and did a little coloring, cutting and pasting and listening to the rain.  Here is the result of the cutting and pasting:

Stormy Monday Mash-Up, Easter Triduum (whew), Bangkok Update

8.5×11 sheet of craft paper layered with some polka dot tissue unearthed during the house remodel, Elmer’s glue stick, old calendar cut-outs – Thanks Ms. Engelbreit for the beautiful calenders every year! – and then just some decisions about what I wanted to go into it. The original, you know, the one that lives in my head and is always perfect, had all the grands names, but that wasn’t doable.  Five names on this just wasn’t possible, so I’ve promised myself another happy cutting and pasting day making a second piece for the Banglok Three.

Mr. iknead and I certainly got our holy on over Easter, starting with a potluck and Holy Thursday, the Good Friday service, Easter Vigil on Saturday night – a marathon for sure, about 2.5 hours of baptisms (28!), confirmations and professions of faith.  It. Was. Awesome.  AND we made the 10:30 a.m. service Easter morning.  Something else I thought was awesome??  The Coleman/Rogers fam filled up an entire pew!  Sure, there were bigger families there (Catholic, you know) but I’m from a small immediate family – an only child – and always, always wanted to be part of a larger one so it’s feels pretty miraculous to me…..the fact that we’re also the prettiest, handsomest and smartest, with the grandgirls who are doubly the most beautiful and undoubtedly the absolutely smartest in the room, well, it’s the icing on the cake!

Stormy Monday Mash-Up, Easter Triduum (whew), Bangkok Update

Baby Diva and Elf in their finery!

Then, when you add in the Bangkok Three….I just almost can’t stand it.  We’re counting the days until they come home to Arkansas for a few weeks in July!

Stormy Monday Mash-Up, Easter Triduum (whew), Bangkok Update The Papoose, Peach and Sprout, L-R

and not to leave anyone out –

Stormy Monday Mash-Up, Easter Triduum (whew), Bangkok Update

Again, L-R

Son in law Clefton, daughter Lindsey, the other grandparents Grandmary and Pops,

Annabelle aka Sprout

Peach aka Emma

Susannah aka The Papoose

See, told you they were handsome, pretty and smart!!

So, that’s my Monday Mashup.  How was your Easter??

Twas Easter-Sunday.  The full blossomed trees filled all the air with fragrance and with joy.  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


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