Monday Mashup 4-4-17 and Yes, I know It’s Tuesday

Hey and welcome to Monday Mashup 4-4-17 and Yes, I know It’s Tueaday.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

So the kitchen/dining room remodel is finished – pretty much finished anyway, the countertops are all we have left.  The date for the install is May 17. 😕😕😕 The plywood decking at least is in place, so we’re making do with that.  I love love love my craft space and I especially love being in the middle of the action – what action there is 😋 – instead of being two rooms away. There is still a large amount of purging and returning things to where they belong, but the iknead household is slowly getting back to normal.  Here’s a look at the first project to come out of the new craft space –

Monday Mashup 4-4-17 and Yes, I know It's Tuesday


 Mixed Media

Old map, three dimensional stickers, catalog page for background, regular stickers, washi tape,

small metal gear doodads, sketch and wash pencil

I finished the Kew socks and plan to get the posted Friday, the traditional day blog-wise to show off your finishes.  i’m really happy with them. 🎉  I always have a sock on the needles (naturally) and so I cast on these, using Kollage Happiness, DK weight, in Denim.  I’ll have it up on the blog for my regular Wednesday post, Whatcha Workin’ On?, so stay tuned!

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