A Rare Thursday Post

Hi, all and welcome!  This IS a Rare Thursday Post and I hope you enjoy it.

OK, here’s a bit of backstory.  I’m not a great sleeper and, coupled with seeming to be a naturally early riser, I’m always casting about for something interesting (and relatively quiet) to do.  The relatively quiet part is because Mr. iknead is NOT an especially early riser. 😴😴😴

Today turned out to be an Art Journal Background kind of morning and here’s what turned out:

Watercolor using red violet, geranium and rose gouache.  This one’s definitely a work in progress.  This is on A5 blank mixed media paper with washi tape.  I’m liking the right side best at the moment.

A Rare Thursday Post

Kinda went steampunk on this one using a blue food coloring spray I found in the pantry over a gear/clockwork mask, then turning the mask spray side down on the opposite page to make a (sort of) reverse image.  The book is an old desk calandar/appointment book I found when doing some closet cleaning.  Sometimes I apply gesso beforehand, sometimes not.  I sort of like being able to see the print underneath.

A Rare Thursday Post

Another stencil, with opposite page reversal, using  Tim Holtz Distress Inks in Dirty Martini, Lemon Zest and that blue food coloring.  This is a 11 1/4 x 8 1/4 Dylusions journal (I think), but I painted over the cover and collaged it, but it still looks Dylusion-y to me by the way it’s put together.

A Rare Thursday Post

I mentioned in my last post, here, that I’m working on lettering skills using The Art of Whimsical Lettering.  One of the practices is to fill a page with words starting a particular letter, experimenting with style and color, using every type of pen or marker you own.  Obviously, this is “A”.  A fun practice that can be picked up and put down at will.  FYI – A thesaurus would come in handy! 📱 📖 This is an old school lined comp notebook made a bit sturdier by gluing pages together in twos.

Confession:  There’s definitely a blank paper/notebook/journal addiction going on here. I can’t pass up a display of blank books and become journal crazy every January when the new ones start showing up.  I become unglued (seriously) when I come across them.  Worked that one right in there, did’nt I!  😍😍😍 Sorry – I can’t control myself sometimes!!

All this before 7 a.m…….look out for the crash and burn nap this afternoon. 😴🛏🛌

Don’t get up. And please stop acting as if I were the Queen Mother! Bette Davis


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