You’ll Have To Use Your Imagination!

Hey! and welcome to my (late) Friday post, You’ll have to use your imagination!


You’ll have to use your imagination, but the remodel is moving along.  Mr. Contractor says he will be finished on Tuesday and I’m already setting up my crafty space in my head.  Mr. Iknead and I will both be glad to have everything back in place.  In the meantime, we just have to live with random stacks of books, pictures waiting to be rehung and other assorted things that may or may not make the cut when everything is finished and it’s time to return things to their former places – Mr. Iknead and I have agreed to purge as we go when we start putting the house back together.  Anyhow, here’s what the remodel project looks like at the moment.

You'll Have To Use Your Imagination!

Looking into the dining room from the kitchen.  I love the way it looks now that the entry is wider, incorporating a pass through!

It lacks the countertops now, but under that window sits my new craft space, the three drawers you see are nice and deep and I can’t wait to start moving my artsy fartsy stuff in!

We put in a little more storage as we had space for it on the wall under the pass through between the dining room and kitchen.  The countertop will be a good buffet table to use when we have a crowd for supper and the cabinet underneath will hold the excess pots and pans that we’ve accumulated over the years.

Even though our house has been turned upside down and we’ve had saws sawing, nail guns gunning and paint being painted all week, it’s really not been too bad at all, with the only incident being when I hopped out of bed in the dark, forgetting about the stacks of books and boxes surrounding it and stubbed my toe.  😬😬😬

Patience and diligence, like faith, remove mountains.  William Penn


P.S. You can see more of the remodel here –

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