Mashup Monday 3-6-17, Best Fam Ever!, HBD To Me!

Hi, all and welcome to this week’s post, Mashup Monday 3-6-17, Best Fam Ever!, HBD To Me! I hope you like it!


Here are a couple of my recent disasters projects –

Mashup Monday 3-6-17, Best Fam Ever!

Acrylic paint, stickers, magazine photos, pink octopus doodad, ring reinforcers

tiny bird clothespin, ATC, hand drawn flowers, lacy stamp

Mashup Monday 3-6-17, Best Fam Ever!

This one started out as a clean off my desk piece, but then took a definite lean toward vintage, so I went with it.

Magazine cutouts, Tim Holtz Found Relatives photo, felt bird embellishment, hand carved flower stamp, felt doily, washi tape, ribbon, buttons, paper flowers, cardboard die cut letters, paper clip, dyed lace remnant


Happy birthday to me!!!! Yep, I hit a milestone on Saturday when I passed out of my 50s and stepped into my 60s. Anticlimactic I have to say….60 doesn’t feel any different than 59 to me.  I’m probably more active now than I was 10 years ago, I practice yoga pretty much every day, take at least three Zumba classes a week, spoil grand babies, work on improving my pottery throwing skills, continue the care and feeding of Mr. iknead and obsessively read, knit and color, cut and paste.  Anyway, my family took me out to dinner last evening for my birthday – I got to pick the restaurant and everything!!! – They brought me a cake 🎂 and presents 🎁 and we had a great time, talking and eating and just being together.  Here’s a photo of the cake.  You have to use your imagination, since it’s only half a cake now –

Mashup Monday 3-6-17, Best Fam Ever!

My son made the cake and it’s delicious!

And presents!  Look at my presents!!

Mashup Monday 3-6-17, Best Fam Ever!

Don’t you love the birthday cards!?

Here’s a better photo of the bracelet the Bangkok bunch sent – you have to see the details to truly appreciate it…..

Mashup Monday 3-6-17, Best Fam Ever!


We were only missing the Bangkok bunch, especially since we were at Big Mommy’s fave restaurant, Buffalo Grill, but time will pass soon enough and they’ll be home for a few weeks in July.  I kept watching the door all the same, waiting for them to come and join us….my head knows they’re in Bangkok, but my heart still has a ways to go….

Anyway, we had a blast and me most of all.  That’s why I have the Best Family Ever!

Her pleasures are in the happiness of her family.  Jean-Jacques Rousseau


*My Own Mixed Media

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