Clean Up

Hi, everybody and welcome to Clean Up, my latest blog post!  I hope you like it.


I am an over the top messy crafter.  I admit it.  My knitting chair always has snippets of yarn scattered in and around it, sticky notes, stitch markers and all the other assorted knitting paraphenalia that gathers around any knitter.  Same thing goes for my art space.  I need to have things at my fingertips, whether it’s paper ephemera, odd doodads I come across during the course of the day and you can’t dismiss the markers, colored pencils, paints, watercolors, stickers, inks and ink pads that I need to have close at hand when I get inspired and have to create something RIGHT. THIS. SECOND.  Consequently, my art space is crazy messy.  I’m almost embarrassed to post this photo of it in all its glory – especially after scoping out other art spaces on the net, all of which at least appear super organized, with everything in its place, with nary a piece of scrap paper or paint splatter to be seen.

Clean Up

An aside – back when I wasn’t a happy retiree and had a job with a desk and everything, my office tended to look just like my art space does now and for the same reasons.  Anyway, all this is leading up to this situation:

We are having some remodeling done and part of that is installing new floors.  Exciting – I know!  The not so exciting part is that we have to get everything up off the old floor before the new floor can happen.  What you can’t see is Mr. ikneads half of the room, which, of course, is always as neat as a pin. What can I say? Opposites attract.

I worked on it off and on yesterday and was able to get everything boxed up and ready for temporary relocation until the floors are finished.  See –

Part of the remodel is a built in art desk with storage for me!  If that’s not motivation!!!😍😍😍

Stay tuned for updates!


When I wasn’t cleaning and boxing up, I started spinning this lovely stuff!  It’s Corriedale wool, Touch of Green, from the Top of the Month Club, Three Waters Farm.  I always love what they send and this installment is no different.

Again, stay tuned!  I plan on posting updates as the work progresses.

The cause is hidden,  The effect is visible to all.  Ovid


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