WIP Wednesday 2/8/17 or What Happened to Monday???

Hi everyone and welcome to WIP Wednesday 2-8-17 or What Happened to Monday??? I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!


The knitting slump continues.  Oh, you can be sure I have a lot of projects on my needles – which I think may be the problem –  but nothing is getting finished.  I hop from socks to sweater, back to socks, then back to sweater.  I do better project-wise when I have just one project or at most, two.  My monkey mind just won’t allow me to settle in long enough to make real progress on much of anything if I have more than that.  I’m going to finish the Monkey socks this week NO MATTER WHAT….

WIP Wednesday 2/8/17 or What Happened to Monday???

Monkey Socks

Cookie A.

Expression Fiber Arts in Gingerbread

Sorry about the gnarly toes – I got a “pedicure” from the Papoose and Sprout back in December and this is the remnant.  I just can’t bring myself to take it off.  It makes me smile and think of them working so hard on Bebe’s toes.  I’m so sentimental!!!  I miss my Bangkok babies SO much!


I’ve started art journaling again.  That’s another reason I’m having trouble, with too many irons in the fire, but I love it!  I’m not following any prompts this time around, I’m totally freestyling…not much of a team player, I guess.


Bolshoi Confidential

Incontinent on the Continent

Ellen Foster


And then there’s the Zumba classes and the yoga practice I’ve become addicted to. (sigh)  Three Zumba classes a week, three or four yoga classes a week and my 15 minutes of yin yoga every morning make me feel better mentally – just like knitting and physically, I’m getting stronger and I have a ton more stamina than I did just a month ago. Love it enough to ignore my jumbo jiggles! 😍😂😝


I can’t locate my iPod. 😩  Mr. Iknead and I have looked everywhere here at home, even going through trash on the off chance that it might have somehow gotten picked up and tossed in accidentally.  Nothing.   St. Anthony, I could use a hand here!  🙏

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FYI – I started this post on Monday…..I must be in some sort of time warp…..

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