Monday Mashup 1-9-17

Hi everyone and welcome to Monday Mashup 1-9-17!

Is there anything as exciting as a new calendar?  Maybe I’m just a little skewed (but I already knew that), but an empty calendar, however temporary, fills me with anticipation for the new year.  I felt the same way at the start of every school year, although it wore off pretty quickly!


I’m trying very hard to ignore Josie Pug’s accusatory looks……She’s going to see Dr. P (the best vet ever!!) to be lightly sedated for a really close nail clip.  She totally loses her composure when she gets a pedi, making it almost impossible to either  clip her nails as they should be clipped, and/or  keep from clipping them WAY too short, causing bleeding and pain and over the top psychic trauma for yours truly.  So, no breakfast for Josie this morning, thus, the accusatory glances.


You can never have the pleasure of taking just one pet to see Dr. P, because that would be a walk in the park. Mac the Wonderkitty is sneezing his head off, with a slightly runny nose.  It would be funny – him sneezing over and over – if he wasn’t so visibly miserable.  Poor baby!  He’ll most likely necessitate a twofer for today. He usually clears up quickly with a steroid/antibiotic shot, so I’m not too concerned, but he looks so pitiful!


This project hardly qualifies as a WIP, it’s so new on the needles, but Fox Paws seemed like the perfect project for the Knitpicks Grasslands Palette yarn sampler that arrived Friday afternoon.

It looks like a mess!

Monday Mashup 1-9-17

Clockwise from the top: Aurora Heather, Almond, Briar Heather, Brown Sugar, Caper, Edamame, Shire Heather, Wallaby

 I’m not at all sure about this project, but I vow to give it a fair shake before relegating it to the NFO pile.

I’m linking today with Merry Monday.

I am glad that I paid so little attention to good advice; had I abided by it I might have been saved from some of my most valuable mistakes.  Edna Millay


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