Monday Mashup 01-30-17 or How I Spent My Weekend

Hi ya’ll and welcome to Monday  Mashup 01-30-17!  I took a week off from blogging, partly intentional, partly unintentional. Busy life and all that, just like everyone else I know. I’ve added a bit of yoga to my morning routine, which makes me feel calmer and more centered for the day.  I’m loving it, even though it means I have to get up 30 or so minutes earlier to start my morning.  Worth it!  So far anyway. 😀

Lots of knitting going on, with three official projects, I’ll share them on Wednesday.  Art journaling has recommenced and I spent a good deal of time over the weekend getting the actual journal tarted up and ready to go.  I tried something different this time – I tried four different techniques on the outer and inner covers.  It turned out well, I think –

Monday Mashup 01-30-17

Front Cover

Gesso, watercolor, stamp

Monday Mashuo 01-30-17

Inside Front Cover

Gesso, painters tape, acrylic paint

Monday Mashup 01-30-17

Inside Back Cover

Gesso, Colorburst Powdered Watercolor, stencils

Monday Mashup 01-30-17

Back Cover

Gesso, matte medium, dragonfly tissue paper, front part of note card from clearance aisle at Michaels

(I think this one is my favorite)

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How was your weekend?

It is not only for what we do that we are held responsible, but also for what we do not do.  Moliere


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