My Smithfield Obsession

Welcome to my obsession confession…Enter at your own risk.


I’m totally obsessed with Smithfield – and NOT in a good way.  I think I’m up to my tenth frogging and restart.  First, I thought it was the brown yarn, so I bought new gray yarn. Nope. Then, I thought it was the needles, too loose and couldn’t make out the stitch pattern.  I went down two needle sizes and started again.  Nope.   Next, I thought it was operator error on my part, being unfamiliar with the granite stitch, and did a practice square.  Nope.  Thought about putting it in time out for a while, hoping it will be back on track when I pick it up again. Nope.  Now I’ve come full circle and am back to the Twig color.  My natural pigheadedness has come into play in a big way and refuses to allow me to put it aside for now, intoning “SMITHFIELD MUST BE CONQUERED!  IT MUST BE KNITTED INTO SUBMISSION!  NO REST FOR THE WEARY!  SUCK IT UP – YOU PLAY HURT IN THIS LEAGUE!”  I’m about ready to call in an exorcist. 😱😱😱

Obsession Confession

So far, so good

Smithfield Pullover

Quince & Co. Lark

Twig colorway

 Failure is not an option. Al Reinert


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