It’s 10:41 pm in Bangkok, Now What???


Welcome to this week’s Wednesday post, It’s 10:41 pm in Bangkok, Now What???  I hope you like reading it as much as I liked writing it.  Like it on Facebook if you please and make a blogger happy!!!

OK, so we arrived (finally) in Bangkok around 2 am Tuesday morning, Bangkok timeand the clock now says it’s late in the evening – 11:00 pm – but my brain is like, nope, it’s more like 10 am and no way am I shutting down. I’ve promised it an hour more for blogging and a little knitting, hopefully that will be long enough for my sleep meds to kick in and I can at least be in bed around 12.


It's 10:41 pm in Bangkok

Green Gable Socks

Somewhere over Montana at sunrise.

Sorry for the crap photo, the cabin lights were off and other passengers were sleeping.  I didn’t have the heart to use the flash. ✨✨✨  You can see what they really look like here.

It's 10:41 pm in Bangkok

My Smithfield Sweater is coming along.  I finally got the stitch pattern down and that made a huge difference!  I’m in love with it again! 😍😍😍


Our flights to Bangkok came off pretty much as smooth as silk, with plenty of time during layovers so that we didn’t have to rush to find our gate or hurry through security.  The only hitch was that the plane on the last leg, Tokyo to Bangkok, had a minor mechanical issue, so we were delayed for about an hour.  I’m really starting to like this travel thing!

It's 10:41 pm in Bangkok

Bangkok here we come!

Mr. iknead and yours truly.

I love this photo!  I think we’re a great looking couple!!!!!

I’M READINGimg_5753

 Be a good listener.  Your ears will never get you into trouble.  Frank Tyger


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