On My Needles 11-3-16

Hi ya’ll and welcome to On My Needles 11-3-16.  I hope you like it!

Better late than never, I guess…..

Cloud Chaser is (finally) becoming something recognizable –

On My Needles 11-3-16

Cloud Chaser Vest

Plymouth Encore

Baby Pink

I’d say that the collar/lapel is about half done.  I’ll be finishing the armholes with some ribbing and call it good.  A Friday finish may be overly optimistic,  but it’s something to work toward, anyway.

I will be voting my conscience today, but not without LOTS of prayers for wisdom, courage and discernment, which will continue.  I’ll be happy when this overlong antagonistic election is over.  The ugliness that shines forth from BOTH the candidates is depressing and, unfortunately, contagious.  It’s wearing me out.


Flying Colors

Skeleton Crew

Dead Reckoning

 I’m linking today with Yarn Along.  Visit and be inspired!

Change is the law of life.  And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.  John Kennedy


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