On My Needles 11-16-16, Booklove, Bangkok Countdown

Hi and welcome to On My Needles 11-16-16!  Enjoy!


On My Needles 11-16-16

Green Gable Socks

Challenger Deep

I’m beginning to feel a bit of sweater lust.  You can bet I’ll be stalking Rav for sweater patterns. Dear reader, if you have a favorite, shoot me a comment – I’d really love to see snd I’m ALWAYS open to suggestions! 🙂🙂🙂


On My Needles 11-16-16

We leave for Bangkok in 26 days and I’m really starting to get excited!  I so wish that Mr. iKnead and I could just do an I Dream of Jeannie blink and be there.  Not looking forward to the hours and hours on the plane so much, but it will be worth it to hold and love on the grands.

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