Monday Mashup 11-28-16

Hi and welcome to Monday Mashup 11-28-16 – I hope you like it!

Well, my original Smithfield Sweater just wasn’t happening for me.  I think it was because I really, really dislike the color.  Why would I have so much stashed yarn in a color I don’t like??  I’ve asked myself that question over and over these past few days and the only reason I can think of is that I thought it was more of a taupe, but in actuality, it’s pretty much $ht brown. 💩 Rude and crude, I know,  but it is what it is.  I restarted it in a dark gray and it’s much, much better.

I went to Michael’s yesterday to check out their yarns and to pick up a few knitting essentials, locking stitch markers and whatnot and as I was getting ready to check it, the store manager walked up and handed me a $10.00 gift card!  Sure didn’t see that coming!  Nice!!

The iknead family had a wonderful, low key Thanksgiving – just how I like it, with 12 at the table and enough food to feed at least 12 more!  I managed to get a photo of this precious grand –

Monday Mashup 11-28-16

The Elf

aka Charlee

Thanksgiving 2016

 Monday Mashup 11-28-16Me and Cece

I call us “The Two Grandmas of the Apocalypse”.

You just never know what to expect when we’re together…blithely leaving spoiled grands in our wake!

Our Bangkok countdown continues…..we leave in two weeks!  I can hardly wait to see our kids and grandkids again and Mr. iknead is SO anxious to get acquainted with our newest, Peach, aka Emma.

Monday Mashup 11-28-16


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Not what we have but what we enjoy constitutes our abundance.  John Petit-Senn


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