Monday Mashup 11-21-16

Welcome to Monday Mashup 11-21-16!

Thanksgiving menu – check

Ham ordered – check

Friends invited – check

Holiday recipes found – check

Grocery list made – check

So, it looks like I’ve made a good start getting the nuts and bolts of a Thanksgiving meal together. 🍗🌽🍽🍞🍰 This year, my jurisdiction includes a fancy mac and cheese, sweet potato pie, dinner rolls, a raisin pie and possibly, deviled eggs.  We’ll all be together at Baby Daddy and Baby Mama’s house and expect a dozen or so at the table.  The only ones missing will be the Bangkok bunch. 😥😥😥 If there wasn’t a 13 hour time difference, we’d so be facetiming during dinner. But, since our projected 3:00 pm dinner would be 4 am Bangkok time, I guess we’ll take a pass on that this year.⏰⌛️🕰⏱⏲⏳

From the look of several blogs I follow and my Twitter feed, it seems that there’s an epidemic of startitis – I know the iknead household is suffering from it.  I started a Smithfield pullover this weekend and this moment, it’s been frogged twice and restarted.  Third time’s a charm I hear.  There’s also a new pair of socks on my needles, using yarn I bought on my first trip to Thailand.  I’m planning to revisit the shop – I had to take a pass on some yarn made with sugar cane, I’m curious as to how it knits up.  That one will be at the top of my list.

Am I the only knitter who has a love/hate relationship with circular needles??  My personal bugaboo is storage – my circs always look like a rat’s nest no matter how hard I try to keep them neat and sorted.  With this in mind, I spent a good 45 minutes at Office Depot cruising the aisles, looking for something that fit the bill.  It had to be cheap, convenient, roomy and able to keep my size 0 60 inchers from getting to up close and personal with my size 15 18 inchers.  Nothing. Either it was too expensive, too large, too small, and/or unable to keep things separated.  On a whim, I went in Dollar Tree, conveniently right next door to OD, and found just what I was looking for:  just the right size zippered pencil pouches that could be stored in a binder!  And, true to the name, they were just a buck each!  A bit of time spent with a Sharpie and ta da!  Nice, neat and organized circ storage.  Warms the cockles of my heart just thinking about it.

Monday Mashup 11-21-16

Stay tuned for a WIP post on Wednesday!

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