Friday Follies 11-18-16, Take Notes, Family

Hi! Welcome to Friday Follies 11-18-16!


Friday Follies 11-18-16

Friday Follies 11-18-16

 Cloud Chaser Vest

Plymouth Encore


I love how this turned out!  I had a few false starts before I hit my stride, but eventually it came together.


I made a couple of mistakes on my last visit to Thailand – #1 I overpacked bigtime.  I now know that two complete changes of clothes in my carryon are unnecessary.  A change of underwear is sufficient, IMHO.  If what I plan to wear somehow becomes unwearable, they do have stores in airports. Yep, a change of undies, toothbrush and contact stuff in my backpack and I’m good to go. #2 When I got home, I regretted not carrying a travel journal.  There are so many things I wish I’d jotted down so I could relive a bit of my trip when I got home.  I’m not making that mistake again.  I brainstormed on what I wanted/needed in a travel journal:  it needs to be small enough to carry in a pocket for easy access – if it’s hard to get to, it’s pretty much unusable; it has to be sturdy, able to survive lots of handling and being shoved into and pulled out of whatever pocket it’s stashed in and it must be interesting and funky, something you don’t see everywhere, with extra points if it’s purple. Of course.  I found the perfect one –

Friday Follies 11-18-16 Friday Follies 11-18-16 Friday Follies 11-18-16

 Love this little felt covered journal!  I want one in every color!!! After all, anything worth doing is worth overdoing. Am I right????

Here are the deets, straight from Rustico
3.25″ x 3.5″
96 blank pages
Rough-cut, cream-colored paper
Made from 100 % Virgin Merino wool and top-grain cowhide
Wrap closure
Hand-sewn binding


Friday Follies 11-18-16Our son, Jordan and his other half, Katie.

and they have these two –

Friday Follies 11-18-16

Charlee and Harper


The Elf and Baby Diva

Beautiful, right?

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