Monday Mashup 10-10-16 or Wait! What day is this? and Airport Fun

Hi guys and welcome to Monday Mashup 10-10-16 or Wait! What day is this? and Airport Fun! I hope you enjoy reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it!  Here we go!

So this intrepid solo traveler took the bit in her teeth and ran with it. Man, that airport in Hong Kong is sumpin else, let me tell you.  There are at least 500 arrival and departure gates in Terminal 1. And, as you can probably guess – The gate I needed always was at the very end of a very long hall.  I went over my Fitbit requirement of 8000 steps for a grand total that day of 9239 steps at the Hong Kong airport, even using the people movers from time to time.  So, even with a two hour layover before the Hong Kong to Dallas flight, I didn’t get to the gate until about 25 minutes before the flight boarded.  Yeah, I was bookin’ it.


This photo really doesn’t do it justice.  This is a picture of the central area of the boarding gates.  There are about 250 gates branching from each side of the center area.  That’s at least 500 gates IN JUST THIS ONE TERMINAL.  There are more terminals.

A bit about that leg of my journey…..first of all, the flight is a 14 hour marathon – not so bad if you’re in first class or business class, with the little cubicles and what look like super comfortable chaises and champagne.  I’m not complaining – really.  I’m blessed with a super generous family who used some of their frequent flyer miles to get me to Bangkok and back. I have nothing at all to complain about; but when you travel economy class, you might as well leave your desire for personal space with your luggage when you check in.  Again, this is not a complaint at all, that’s just how it is.  Flying to Bangkok, I was in a three seat row with two very nice Asian men, in an area approximately the size of the back seat in an old school VW beetle.  Tight even without carry on stuff on the floor and under the seat, and every electronic device known to man, with their appropriate chargers and cords. Very tight.  All this is leading up to the miracle of the return flight.



Because of this 14 hour airplane ride, I’d been psyching myself up, reducing the size of my carry on and ditching anything that wasn’t absolutely essential.  Anyhow, I boarded the plane, found my seat and got everything settled and stowed. Then I sat back and waited to see who would be sharing the VW beetle back seat. I wait.  A young man checks his ticket and claims his aisle seat.  I’ve got the window seat.  I wait. I wait a little more, holding my breath every time someone walks by.  Then, lo and behold, NO ONE CLAIMS THE MIDDLE SEAT!  NO ONE!!!  Leg room, a place to set my pocketbook and backpack and just more squirm room.  See, I told you it was a miracle!  And while I’d NEVER hope for someone to miss their flight – EVER, I wanted to stand up and yell at the flight attendants to hurry the heck up and shut the cabin door before anyone else had the chance to board, thus insuring my comfort for the 14 hour flight.  Again, a miracle.👼👼👼  I think I actually heard the angels sing! 🎵🎵🎵

I did make it back home safely to Little Rock, all my flights were right on time or even a bit ahead of schedule. Customs and security at DFW went smoothly and my luggage ended up at the LR airport, just where it was supposed to.  Another miracle, I think.

I’m still fighting a little bit of jet lag, waking up and raring to go this morning at about 2:30 am, I’m sure I’ll be over it in the next day or so.

For the record, this three week stretch was the longest time Mr. Iknead and I have ever been apart and we’re on our 37th year of marriage.  That’s a lot of togetherness; he is my soulmate. When I saw him waiting for me in the airport, I burst into tears and ran to him.  Loooong tight hug. Just like in the movies.😍💑💓

When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.  John Muir


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