Friday Follies 10-14-16

Welcome to Friday Follies 10-14-16!  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as enjoyed writing it!

I’ve developed a love/hate relationship with Cloud Chaser.  I’m going to love the finished product, but am bored with the current pattern section.  I suspect that it’s due more to my current jetlag brain fog than to the actual pattern, and so plan to keep toiling on, hoping that my boredom with lift along with the fog.

Friday Follies 10-14-16

My takeaway from this experience is that it really does take a day to recover for every time zone crossed.  12 zones crossed equals 12 days to recover from the jetlag.  Sigh.

10-18-16 Linking with Frontier Dreams KCCO today.

Endurance is patience concentrated.  Thomas Carlyle


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