Whatcha Workin’ On? Wednesday #68, Booklove 9/14/16 and Downsizing

Hi all!  Welcome to Whatcha Workin’ On? Wednesday #68, Booklove 9/14/16 and Downsizing!  I hope you enjoy your visit!


I’m nearing the finish line for my Surroundings Tank, a good thing since I’m frantically trying to get it finished before my trip to Bangkok.

Whatcha Workin' On? Wednesday #68, Booklove 9/14/16 and Downsizing

Louet Euroflax


Every time I knit with Euroflax, I fall a bit more in love!  I just wish it wasn’t quite so hard on my old hands.  I can definitely feel the lack of elasticity in the linen.

Not on my needles yet, but I’m doing some heavy stalking on Ravelry looking for some travel friendly projects.  I’m thinking socks for sure and maybe a small shawl.  I know I’ll end up packing more projects than I could possibly finish in the three weeks I’ll be in Bangkok, because that’s just how I rolI, but yarn is light and will squish, so there’s no need to worry about weight overages there.  Plus, I’ll have to leave room for the yarn I’ll buy over there.  Yes, I’m in *SABLE territory and have been for quite a while now.  Don’t judge me! 😋



13 Ways of Looking at a Fat Girl

Hillbilly Elegy

The Family That Couldn’t Sleep


I continue to work on getting rid of extraneous “stuff” that’s taken up residence here in the iknead household.  Yesterday, I went through stuff that had served its purpose and served it well, but for one reason or another, had outlived that usefulness and needed to be moved along.  I’m mostly talking about work clothes and shoes – my employer had a very specific dress code – I filled up two shopping bags with just dress shoes and will be carting them to Clothes Mentor today.  I’m retired, for heavens sake, do I really need four different pairs of (insert color) heels?  Nope.  One pair of each will fill the bill AND free up some badly needed closet space.


As always, thanks to all who visited the linky last week!  I hope you’ll stop in again and share your works in progress.  After all, who doesn’t enjoy a little show and tell??

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