Monday Mashup, Here She Is, The Adventure Continues

Hi ya’ll and welcome to Monday Mashup!

To say that the last 24 hours or so have been a little bit wild and crazy would be the understatement of the year, not in a bad way mind you, but wild and crazy all the same.

After visiting the doctor on Friday and with her assurance that nothing baby related was likely to happen until 9/27, the day of the scheduled C-section, we settled in to wait it out, with a birthday celebration for the Sprout – her 4th BTW – a little shopping and a little sightseeing. As an aside, I love Bangkok and have been soaking up as much of it as possible.  I’m dying to take a motorcycle taxi…..but I digress.

BIg Mommy started having some contractions yesterday morning during (of course) the Razorback game that were different than the ones she’d been having off and on over the past few days.  As a precaution, I started charging every device I could get my hands on, my camera, iPhone, iPad and iPod – just in case.  I think charging up devices is the 21st century equivalent to boiling water. 😉  Contractions continued all morning and into the afternoon, and doing what labor contractions do – getting closer together and more painful.  Finally, around 1 p.m., we loaded up the clown car – have I mentioned that most of the cars here are TINY? – with the very pregnant Big Mommy, her loving sidekick, Big Daddy, the Papoose, the Sprout and me, along with assorted bags, backpacks and every electronic device known to man to go to the hospital.  Exciting stuff, right??  Especially since Big Mommy’s water broke on the way and things began to get seriously down to business.  I’ll spare you the deets, but look what happened about 2:30 –

Monday Mashup, Here She Is, The Adventure Continues

Emma Louise Vaughan

8 lb., 4 oz. (ish) and 19 3/4 inches (ish) long

(Everything here is metric and my conversion skills are more than a little rusty)

Is she a beautiful baby girl, or what???

We’re all over the moon!

Monday Mashup, Here She Is, The Adventure Continues

Susie’s first look.

Monday Mashup, Here She Is, The Adventure ContinuesThe Sprout loves being a big sister.

Monday Mashup, Here She Is, The Adventure ContinuesProud papa of three precious girls.

He is SO outnumbered, I don’t think he minds one bit!

Monday Mashup, Here She Is, The Adventure Continues

 Susie and Emma get acquainted.

As for me, I took a short walk, found the yarn store (!), stopped at a small bookstore and bought a map of Bangkok and a couple of books for the girls AND paid with baht, the local currency.  It doesn’t sound like much, really, but throw in the fact that I speak absolutely no Thai and had to pantomime everything AND convert the price from American dollars to baht IN MY HEAD, it was a VERY big deal. 👏👏👏  I feel very smart. 😀

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