WIP Wednesday 8-24-16


So, I took Rachael Herron’s column from the last Vogue Knitting magazine to heart, “EVICTING THE STASH BEAST: Minimalism for crafters who have too much” and started going through my stash.  I used the old keep-donate-undecided method and here’s what was in the donate pile when I called it quits for now last night.

From the donate pile

If I had to guess, I’d say that this particular lot is 50% leftovers from past projects and 50% OMG! What was I thinking when I bought this???

I plan to drop off this at Goodwill on my way to pottery class this afternoon.  I have to do it quickly before I change my mind. 😉

Here’s a peek at what came off my sewing machine this weekend:


McCalls pattern 7638

12 oz. denim

I’m very proud of this — when I tried it on, I saw it was WAY to big across my shoulders – which are really really narrow.  I knew I wouldn’t wear it if I did at least try to take it up and so I went to YouTube, watched a tutorial on shortening the shoulders of a garment a couple of times, screwed up my courage and gave it a whirl. And guess what!! I did it!  I actually altered a garment to make it fit better and it worked!  For someone who is teaching herself as she goes along, this is a really big deal!  👏👍👏



Surrounding Tank

designed by Hannah Fettig

Euroflax Yarn in Burgundy

Here’s a look at the swatch I did – I think you can get a better idea on the color….


I think that just about does it for today.  I do plan on doing a little baking this afternoon, I have a taste for something sweet this morning.

From caring comes courage.  Lao Tzu


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