Busywork and Anticipation

I’ve been away for a while, nothing serious – only a case of RAGING startitis and when I’m in the throes, I can’t tear myself away to do much of anything else – including blogging.  Crafty folks, you know what I’m talking about, right?  Here’s a rundown:


Rheinlust continues. (sigh).  Slow going and I’m starting to get bored with it.  Not a good sign.  Here’s a photo from a week or so ago.  Trust me, it still looks pretty much the same.

Catching Up

 Then there’s the Basic Squares Scarf from Koigu Wool Designs, using some leftover sock yarn.



I’ve scaled back my plans for the Mandela Duster to a vest.  While I always dream big, occasionally (very occasionally) reason steps in and I actually heed it. I’m still practicing the pattern, but here’s a look at a practice round.


 By the time I settle on a color scheme, hopefully I’ll be better at the pattern.


I’ve made a skirt –


and a pair of pants –


with another pair in progress –


My sewing skills are improving, but I still have to factor in the time it takes to rip out and redo at least once on every project. 😬


All this is well and good, but what I’m really excited about is …….THE BANGKOK BUNCH WILL BE HOME FOR A VISIT ON WEDNESDAY!!!!  We haven’t seen them in person since last August.  That’s 10 1/2 long months for these touchy feely grandparents and the anticipation is completely over the top for us. We are really working at staying occupied (see above) so that time will pass faster.  Having our four grands together again will be heaven.  Baby Diva is has been on pins and needles all week, talking about her cousins and I hear that the Papoose and Sprout are the same.  I know the feeling!  They’ve been at the beach for the Vaughan family reunion this week and will hit the road for Little Rock Wednesday morning.  Praying for a safe trip!



The Sprout after a day of fun and sun at the beach.

The truest greatness lies in being kind, the truest wisdom in a happy mind.  Ella Wilcox


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