Catch Up


Oh my gosh!  Gotta play catch up today.  Here goes….

Catching UpI indulged my love for things that measure by ordering this little Twig & Horn beauty I happened on when visiting Quince & Co. website.  I was just window shopping. Honest! I wasn’t yarn shopping at all. Really. No, really. 👼👼👼  I have another, larger one, also from Quince & Co./Twig & Horn, but a different style.  Let’s see if I can find it amid the 1000s of pics on my iPad…..

Catching Up


Next up…..

Catching Up

I’m hoping to turn this ⬆️

Into this ⬇️

Catching Up

I just might get it started today – I fall a little more in love every time I look at it.

Catching Up

My Rhinelust Shawl continues.  Green Rhinelust continues to cool its heels in time out.🙁


Catching Up

My precious daughter in law Katie with her youngest, Charlee.


The Bangkok branch of the fam will be back in the US this week!!! 😍🎉😄❤️👏✈️. We absolutely, positively can’t wait.  It’s been a long, long ten months.  I’m praying for safe travel for them.  If you are so inclined, I’d be grateful if you’d send a prayer or positive thought their way.  TIA. 🙏🙏🙏

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