Shaking Off The Lazy, Green Growing Things and Flower Power


Admittedly, I’ve been more than lazy with my blogging over the past month or so, lacking motivation to sit down, gather my thoughts (a big job don’t you know!) and then getting them up on the blog.  From now on, though, I’m going to work harder on sticking to my blog schedule.


Patio Love

I set up shop yesterday morning on the patio with my coffee and crochet.  Life is good!

Mr. Iknead has become an amazing gardener!  I’m beginning to believe that he can just poke a stick in the ground and it will grow – who knew??!  Here’s a look at some of the beauties he’s put out the past few weeks –

Patio Love

Easter lillies from a year ago are thriving.

Patio Love

I love the color on this coleus!

Patio Love image

I don’t know what these last two are called, but I love the colors!


One reason I haven’t been blogging is because when I’m blogging, I’m not working on this–yes, I’m pretty much a slave to my Flower Power Valance at the moment.  Hopefully, I will finish it in the next few days and I can resume my accustomed schedule.

Patio Love

I’m loving the crochet – looks like I’ll be having a knit project AND a crochet project going from here on out.  Quince & Co. has a shawl pattern I’ve been lusting after……..

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