Finally Finished!


Yes!   The ginormous Stornoway Throw is finally finished – ends woven in, washed and blocked.

 Finally FinishedMy Stornoway Throw

Huge success, huge project!

Finally FinishedWavy Garden Shawl

A Yarnbox Selection

I made a couple of changes in this pattern.  I went down a needle size, actually, two needle sizes and because I thought it was a little plain when finished, I added a bit of crocheted scalloped edging.  I’m loving this!


My much anticipated Knitpicks order arrived yesterday and I couldn’t be more pleased!

Finally Finished

This is what a box of happy looks like!

Knitpicks Dishie

100% Cotton

And…since I was already there, I ordered a set of wooden hooks –

Finally Finished

Love these!  So much easier on my hands than metal and much prettier to boot!

Finally Finished

First two flowers completed and joined.

These will eventually be joined to other flowers, making the Flower Power Valance from Once Upon a Pink Moon.  Warning – look at this at your own risk!  Once you see it, you’ll develop the Flower Power obsession.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!!😍😍😍

We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.  Thornton Wilder


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