Upside Down

What an upside down week it’s been! Mr. Iknead’s mom fell late last week, resulting in a broken hip and subsequent surgical repair.  Mr. Iknead has been in St. Louis all week to help out and so I’ve been batching it since Sunday.  His mom is doing well and has been tranferred to a rehab facility for a couple of weeks of therapy and recovery.  The plan is for him to return home tomorrow and I am SO  ready!  I’ve become so spoiled having him around 27/7, along with the little chores that I don’t even realize he has taken on until he’s out of pocket – things like making sure the coffee is ready to brew before he comes to bed every night, emptying the trash and loading the dishwasher.  Something I noticed also – I don’t say thank you nearly enough.  Thank you, sweetie!  I miss you!

I’ll be back on schedule here in the next day or so and will play catch up then.  Have an awesome weekend!

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