On My Needles, Feels Like Work, Warm Your Goat


Still plugging away on the Stornoway Throw.  The pattern calls for ten pattern repeats but I think I may be stuck in pattern hell – No matter how many repeats I do, when I count them, I always have “one more to do”!  Does anyone else experience this?🤔


Knitpicks Stornoway Throw

Wool of the Andes

Baltic Heather

It’s really hard to see in photos, but this colorway has a subtle bit of burgundy within it that really sets off the blue color. Note to self: Try photo in sunlight to see if it will show up better. 😋 (The older I get, the more notes to self are needed.)


I’ve  decided to suspend my Whatcha Workin’ On? Wednesday posts, at least for a while.  I just haven’t felt it lately and finally realized that getting my posts organized, written and then, finally posted, was just starting to feel like work instead of something to be enjoyed and shared.  I’m retired, for goodness sake – and for me, nothing sucks the joy out if something more than feeling under pressure to produce!  I’m still planning on posting – you won’t get rid of me that easily 😋 – but without the self induced pressure.  Besides, it’s not like there aren’t other blogs to show off WIPs!



Knitwear – It’s not just for humans, ya know.

Atlas Obscura

 Both in space and time, we seem to be brought somewhat near to that great fact – the mystery of mysteries – the first appearance of new beings in this earth.  Charles Darwin


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