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Whatcha Workin' On? Wednesday #63

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I’m on the second to last color panel, a good thing since my raging startitis hasn’t lessened at all. ¬†I’m doing my best to remain monogamous on this project, if I can just hold out a couple more days, I’ll be in the clear. ūüėÄ

So tell me – Whatcha Workin’ On?


I’m really enjoying the Lenten study, Rediscover Jesus. ¬†Lots of food for thought in the daily readings, which are short – about a half cup of coffee long, a good thing as my attention span in the mornings is even shorter than it normally is.

I finished The Feathered Bone earlier this week, a good read and a bit of a departure from my usual reading fare, a mystery. ¬†Next up will be The Amish Cradle – I think. ¬†Admittedly, my head is easily turned by any newer, flashier cover. ūüėč


Mr. Iknead and I continue our conversion journey through the Catholic RCIA classes and are enjoying them very much.  Hard to be believe that in five(!) weeks, at the Easter Vigil mass, we will be confirmed and take our first  Holy Communion.  We started this last May and the time has flown by.  Very exciting stuff for us!

Last Sunday was a full, full day, starting with the Rite of Election, when we were called up to write our names in the Book of Elect and then later that day, took part in the Rite of Sending, when our names were read one by one, and then one by one we were greeted by the Bishop. ¬†Very high church and moving, with the robes, the big Bishop’s hat (which I’d only seen on TV) and his carved shepherd’s crook. ¬†Curious crafter that I am, I SO wanted to look closer at the crook, a few seconds just wasn’t long enough for me to really check it out!


The most recent pics of the Bangkok grands, who are growing up so fast and who are so far away. ¬†They will be home in June for a visit and we’re counting the days…..

Whatcha Workin' On? Wednesday #63 Whatcha Workin? On Wednesday #63


A thousand thanks to all that visited ¬†last week’s Wednesday link party – seeing all the projects is so inspiring – I want to make all the things!

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