Whatcha Workin’ On Wednesday # 59, Booklove, 1-27-16


Sock knitting

Slip Stitch Lines

Knitpicks Felici Rainbow

Four more pattern repeats, k2p2 cuff and this pair is finished!

BOOKLOVE 1-12-16

I hit it out of the park again this week with my book choice.  This week’s literary obsession is Life in a Jar, written by Jack Mayer.  I’d had this particular title in my queue for a long, long time after seeing it pinned.  Obsessed.  Again.



 I can’t NOT share this, an article in Ceramic Review magazine sent to me by Right Relevance Email Digest.  It makes me feel that everything might turn out OK in the world after all, that things may not be as broken as they seem to be.  Clare Twomey is an incredible artist with incredible vision.  Where will you be on 27 January?


Thanks to everyone who visited and linked, or just visited last Wednesdays link up, thank goodness inspiration overload isn’t fatal! 😀😀😀  My must-do list just keeps getting longer!📃

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