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I’ve been getting more into Twitter the last few weeks – I really enjoy the brevity, saying what I have to say in 140 characters or less and being able to quickly post while I’m still in the moment.  Anyhow, I see that a lot of Tweeters use Commun.it, which I understand to be a Twitter management thingy. (Yeah, please excuse my technical jargon. 😋)  What I’m asking, Constant Readers, is do any of you use Commun.It?  If you do, is it worth the $30.00 a month?  Has it made keeping up with followers, retweets, mentions, etc., easier?  Does it have any drawbacks?  What are they? Do you post to Twitter regularly or check tweets to see what’s happening at moment?

I’m just curious about how useful it would be for me – a person who blogs for pleasure, not profit, and who enjoys connecting with others who share my interests.


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