Flash Your Crafts Friday #56


Flash Your Crafts Friday #56

It’s a twinchie!

2×2 inch canvas

Distress Stain

India ink

Miskit mask

It makes me think of some kind of futuristic landscape or salt pillars.  No sign of Lot’s wife, though.  🤔

Next up is a  new mixed media piece finished yesterday.  It’s a little cutesy, but I love it anyway.  This is going to hang over the french doors leading out to our patio and garden.  I’ve just now gotten comfortable enough to actually hang some of my art where it can be seen.  My word for this year is unconditional and I’m applying it to my art projects – if I create something I love, I’m going to put it where I can see it and enjoy it.  I refuse to hide things away because they’re not good enough or because I’m self conscious about my lack of art education.  I create what I like, how I like and that’s what’s important.  Oops…..climbing down from the pulpit now…I so didn’t see that little tangent coming!😳

Flash Your Crafts Friday #56

 Torn Kraft paper branch

Hand carved, hand stamped leaves

Hand carved and stamped flowers

Stenciled background with spray inks (I do love me some spray inks.)

Hand drawn and colored flowers

Hand drawn birds

Colored pencils, Sketch and Wash pencils, acrylic paints, Inktense blocks, Copic Markers

Lots and lots of help from Babydiva

Flash Your Crafts #56

Babydiva and I

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Have fun and have a great weekend!

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