Monday Mashup #7

Monday Mashup is back!  If it doesn’t quite fit anywhere else, Monday Mashup it is!

I still haven’t made up my mind about Flash Your Finishes Friday, but it’s still simmering on the back burner in my head. At the moment, I’ve just decided not to decide until the first of the year or so.  Too much stuff whirling around in my head with holiday plans and holiday baking (which I’ve not even started and yes, I know Christmas is only four days away), last minute gifting and on and on and on…

I did find my way to the pottery studio, though and was happy dancing in the kiln room when I saw my last few pieces of 2015.  Take a look –

Glazed wheelthrown bowl

Dillo White Clay

Tenmoku Outside

Black Satin Doll Inside and Drips

Glazed wheelthrown bowl image

Dillo White Clay

Tan to Teal Total Dip

Buttermilk Half Dip

Buttermilk 90 Degree Dip

Small Glazed Pitcher

Dillo White Clay

Buttermilk Total Dip

Carolina Blue Drips

I also had two pieces out of the bisque kiln that were ready for glazing.  Here they are, naked and unashamed. 😋

Unglazed altered bowl image

Unglazed wheelthrown bowl image

The Two Grandmas of the Apocalypse took Babydiva to see The Children’s Theatre production of The Gingerbread Man yesterday.  It was awesome, the 2GMAs loved it at least as much as Babydiva did!

Off to the play!

Leaving for The Gingerbread Man

Oops!  I almost forgot!  I’m linking up with these great parties today:

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Take a minute to visit and have fun!

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