The Reveal, WWOW #29, More Yarn? Yes Please


This is not the first post I’ve begun about this particular subject, but I decided to 86 the first one after sleeping on it and rereading.


Remember the post(s) mentioning my globetrotting loved ones?  The reason for the abovementioned trotting can finally be revealed.  I’m going to let Big Mommy share the news, she does it better.  This is her Facebook post from yesterday:

Yesterday we had the hard task of announcing to our church family that we are moving. For the past 3 years, Grand Avenue United Methodist Church has been our church home. They have truly adopted us into their faith family, nurtured our children, and been a cherished part of our lives. We are filled with sorrow at leaving them yet are excited about what God has planned for us in the future. Our family has been given an amazing opportunity to minister in Bangkok, Thailand, where Clefton has accepted a pastor position at an international church. This has been a passion of Clefton’s since the beginning of his ministry and has been the topic of much prayer. Please keep our family in your prayers as we prepare to move in August as well as Grand Avenue as they prepare to welcome a new pastor. The Lord is good and his love endures forever!

Needless to say, Mr. Iknead and I have both shed an ocean of tears since learning of this opportunity, feeling the gamut of emotions from heartbreak at the thought of our precious grands being so far away from us to pride and excitement knowing that they have truly been open to whatever God’s plan is for them and their family.  As for me, I’m trying to see this as a faith journey of my own, practicing trust and acceptance of whatever is in store for our family, however difficult.  I think I say the Serenity Prayer a thousand times some days — and those are the good ones. OK, enough.



Mac’s Mac Daddy Blanket

The Mia Sweater was going great guns before I noticed a fatal error in my part.  Suffice it to say that it was an ugly scene, which ended with me frogging the nearly half finished garment and promising myself a new start later today, as I slunk off to lick my knitting wounds.



There’s nothing like new yarn to boost a knitter’s spirits!

On the left, we have Spring Bouquet and on the right, Fjord Rain from Mountain Girl Yarns, awesomely swishy fiber, 80/20 Superwash Merino/nylon.  Find more lovely fiber at her Etsy shop,  Go ahead and get those credit cards limbered up!



The Elf

Happy, noisy and very busy all the time!


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