Mixed Media Monday, Pot Series, Back On Track


I’m afraid I’ve let my The Documented Life art journal project slide for the 3-4 weeks, for a couple of reasons, one being that I’ve been immersed in several sewing projects (my new machine is totally awesome), another being the raging startitis for new knitting projects that I’ve come down with and last, but probably the truest reason has been that lately, my heart just hasn’t been in it, for reasons I really can’t share at the moment.  I’ve been down for the past few weeks, not really depressed, but just down and sad regarding some family issues that are “up in the air”.  Hopefully, by the end of this week, we will know what’s going to happen next and how we will cope with whatever happens.  Rest assured, these things are life changing, but absolutely not life threatening — no one is sick or hurt, nothing like that and I hope to be able to share what’s been going on in the next week or so.  All this brings me back to my neglected TDL project.  I made myself start on a new one yesterday and just coloring/cutting/pasting got my creative juices flowing, which immediately took me out of my head and onto the page, and then into my happy place.  Here’s a look at it, still very much a work in progress, but begun, just the same.  The May theme is Touchy Feely (Texture), the Art Challenge is Fabric and the Journal Prompt is The Fabric of Your Life.


Spray ink, water spritz, fabric diecuts – so far.

*My Own Mixed Media


I made it into the pottery studio Saturday and made good on my promise to work on creating a series of small pots.  I didn’t think to add something to the photos to show scale, sorry about that, but they are small, about a pound of clay each.

image image image image

High fire white clay with grog

Thrown 5/23/15

I’m hoping the pots from last Monday’s class are trimmable today, they were too wet on Saturday.  If you missed them last week, you can see them here.

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