I always feel a little behind on Tuesdays blogwise.  My pottery class meets Monday afternoons and I’m usually pretty useless by the time I get home.  Bedtime last night was 9:30 – at least two hours earlier than usual and I don’t think I moved all night.  I must have needed those extra zzzz!


imageSunday evening’s hailstorm – We have a couple of plants that got beaten up pretty good, but will hopefully recover will a little extra TLC.  I didn’t cry, but I wanted to; I have a couple of plants that I’m emotionally attached to.  Luckily, they didn’t get as beaten up as I was afraid they would.


Since My Die Cut Vest is totally finished, I cast on and started the Sara Tunic.  I’ll officially post details in tomorrow’s post.  Isn’t the color glorious??!


I’m linking today some new (to me) link parties.  Pay them a visit, whydontcha.

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