WTF??????, Mixed Media Monday, It Must Be Love!


I’ve spent WAAAAYYYY to much time today trying to get my WordPress account unblocked by Jetpack.  I finally got it unblocked, got everything updated or changed only to be told when I tried to log in to my account that there have been too many failed login attempts and to try back in 24 hours.  Trying to fix a WordPress issue was how this whole mess started.  So, to fix this issue of too many failed logins, I can edit a plugin, which I can’t do because I can’t get into my dashboard because of too many failed login attempts.  I get the security stuff, I appreciate it, I really do, but can’t some of the around and around be bypassed with something simple?  Yes, I do have a low frustration threshold, thank you for asking.


On a more pleasant note, here are two recent mixed media projects:

Old glasses, die cuts, modeling paste, stencil, mask, doodads, thank you note, old photos, stamps, acrylic paint

Die cuts, stencil, modeling paste, ribbon, scrylic paint, mask, bookpaper, doodads, buttons, stamps, beads, stickers

*My Own Mixed Media


They say that opposites attract.  That must be at least part of the magic between Mr. Iknead and me.  Take a look at the pics of the tables next to each of “our” chairs.  Can you guess which is which?

I bet Einstein’s desk was messy, too.

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