What’s For Supper


I have a taste today for chicken and dumplings.  I checked the freezer and I have chicken and dumpling makings so I’m good to go.  I also have a taste for something sweet (don’t I always?) and so am trying to decide between cinnamon rolls, apple bread or cherry cheesecake monkey bread.  Since I am a process person who cares more about the actual process of baking than the end product, I may end up with all three.  I blogged about process-love yesterday here if you missed it.

imageApple Fritter Bread


Snickerdoodle Bread


Just once, I wish my stuff looked as pretty as the recipe pictures! The cinnamon chips called for in the Snickerdoodle Bread  are sometimes hard to find, but King Arthur Flour carries them and they can be ordered online.  There are also directions online for diy cinnamon chips.  I’ve done the diy thing and ordered them online.  Both are equally good and I don’t recommend one over the other.  They can also be found, usually around the holidays, at your friendly neighborhood Wal-Mart, Hershey makes them and if you find them on the store, buy extra, they freeze well.  I usually have 4-5 packages in my freezer at any given time.  This bread is well worth any inconvenience, trust me!

This is a book for the servantless American cook who can be unconcerned on occasion with budgets, waistlines, time schedules, children’s meals, the parent-chauffeur-den mother syndrome, or anything else which might interfere with the enjoyment of producing something wonderful to eat.  Julia Child


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