Flash Your Finishes Friday #8, New Button!, Mud


 Wee Sandy’s Green Genes Socks

 Done Roving Yarn Frolicking Feet

Lavender and Sage

Woohoo!  I love these socks, but am totally ready for a new project!  If you’ve been keeping up, I’ve had raging startitis for a while now.  Now I can start something new and be guilt-free!   In the final push to get these finished, I’ve neglected my current spinning project and I’m looking forward to getting back on the spinning track again.  Yay!!!!


Yup, that’s a new button over there, a Flash Your Finishes Friday blog button to keep the Whatcha Workin’ On Wednesday button company.  Grab the code and keep the party going!


I finally got caught up on all my glazing at the pottery studio.  I let it pile up, because it’s my least favorite part of pottery.  My goal for the next class session is to throw a set of mugs and really concentrate on improving my glazing skills.  I’m also going to work really hard at glazing as I go, instead of letting it go until I dread going into the studio because of all the glazing I’ve put off.


Light Blue Stain

Copper stain on outside, rutile on inside, clear glaze total dip

I especially like the crystallization going on in the bottom of this bowl.

Learning without reflection is a waste, reflection without learning is dangerous.  Confucius

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