Flash Your Finishes #6, What Do You Do?, Vintage Photolove


I’m going backward.  Nothing off the needles, two new projects cast on, so maybe -2?  I even thought of starting another (small) project, just so I might possibly have something to share.  Thankfully, I was able to resist, as my knitting basket overfloweth, which brings me to my second topic…..


I’m a process knitter.  I knit stuff all the time that I have no intention of using or mostly, wearing – ever.  In my own defense, here in Arkansas, it just doesn’t get cold enough to merit wool scarves, hats, mittens or any other wooly and warm things, even in the middle of winter, for more than a day or two.  But, I keep knitting away and wooly things keep piling up, because I’m a process knitter. My question is, then, what do I do with the surplus?  Donate them, even though it hurts my feelings for the knitter that produced them to see handknitted labors of love tossed into bins at secondhand stores?  Frog them over and over until the yarn wears out and can’t be worked any more?  Keep to the out of sight out of mind philosophy by way of the hall closet?  I know I’m not the only knitter with this dilemma.  What do you do?



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