Monday’s Pots, MOMM


Every week before pottery class I tell myself, “I’m not leaving the studio without taking some photos” and every week, about halfway home I say, “I can’t believe I forgot to take pictures – again!”  But not today!

image image

Jade glazed wheel thrown bowl

I don’t know how long this little bowl had been sitting in the kiln room.  The kiln room is unheated, so I’ve been avoiding it the last few weeks since it’s been so cold.  I think the color is really nice.  It picked up a lot of red in the kiln, as did a couple of other bowls that were fired with it.  I think there was something red in there with them, I love the way this bowl turned out.

Here’s one that I threw today that didn’t end up the shape I’d decided upon before throwing.  This is what happens when “just one more pull” was just one pull too many and there just wasn’t enough support.


I like it.


A spoon rest/soap dish I saw on Pinterest and decided to try.

It took several tries to get the spiral groove right.  The nonworking end of a wooden tool worked best.



A new three inchie –


Watercolors, cardstock, stamp, diy mask, distress stamp

While I really like the look of applied text, I wish I felt confident enough to use my own handwriting sometimes.  I suppose it’s like everything else – practice, practice, practice.


I added a button with grabbable code to share with my readers.  Grab it, paste it and then, if you would, let me know how it works.  I’m no code writer, it only took about four hours for me to figure out how to do it.  Did I waste my time??

Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next.  Jonas Salk


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